Velvet Mafia Productions is currently working on some exciting new television projects representing the Latino and LGBT community in the New York area.



The story of Juan, a New York City High School teacher who tries to teach Spanish to disinterested teenagers to the best of his ability.  His girlfriend of five years Inés is starting to get impatient about his unwillingness to set up a wedding date.

Her dreams of a happy marriage seem to turn into a reality when Juan finds a wonderful apartment and asks Inés to finally move in with him. These dreams come to a screeching halt when Juan´s mother, Doña Remedios, arrives at their doorstep.  She has suffered a small stroke in her homeland after an earthquake and, at Inés suggestion, she has come to the US so that the couple could take better care of her.

What Inés didn’t know was that the meek, frail widow she expected to see walking through her door was in reality a steamrolling know-it-all who sticks her nose in everyone’s business.  Also, what Inés didn’t know is that Doña Remedios has smuggled one of her nieces into the country in order to live with them as well.

Juán tries to make the best of this situation, somehow making it all work and keeping everyone happy.