Velvet Mafia Productions is currently working on touching and absorbing film projects that include:

Our films


Is the spanish language feature film adaptation of the award winning play of the same name by Spanish playwright Antonio Jesús González.

The film tells the story of Alberto, a university professor who is about to turn 40, and has been having an idyllic love relationship with an attractive young man who is twenty years his junior.  The relationship seems to be headed towards a blissful future until Alberto receives an unexpected phone call from Luis, his ex-lover.  Luis is a man in his late fifties whom Alberto abandoned after a nineteen-year relationship.

Luis invites himself to have dinner with the happy lovers.  As the evening progresses, what starts as an innocent parlor game unties a downward spiral chain of events that will change forever the course of their lives and lead ultimately to death.


He was young, handsome, popular, and successful. He had everything to live for, so why was his mind obsessed with thoughts of suicide? Based on a true story, it is a personal account of how bipolar disorder can destroy a young man’s life and how the system designed to help him eventually failed him.