About Us

Velvet Mafia Productions was established in 2004 to create performance and entertainment projects that would represent the Hispanic culture and experience in the United States.

The company’s first endeavor was Y MI MAMÁ TAMBIÉN, the Spanish language sitcom depicting the struggles and triumphs of a Bronx High School teacher and his atypical family.

In 2010 the projects’ scope expanded to include the feature film adaptation of the award winning play TRES(+1) by Spanish playwright Antonio Jesús González. The film tells the story of three gay men from different generations whose lives are forever changed when one of them seeks to fulfill his revenge.

who we are

Francisco Fuertes

Founder and Visionary Producer

Francisco Fuertes has worked in over 48 theatre, television and film productions in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. He has been involved in all aspects of production from set, lighting and sound design to playwriting and acting.

The ACE organization and the Hispanic Association of Latin Actors has presented him with a total of five awards for outstanding performance as a male actor. In 2007 he received the lifetime achievement award from the ARTE association.

He will soon start post production on the film “Sufrir como dedos que no sangran”, by the talented and promising young writer-director Francisco Lupini.